Our Services

We specialize in custom built applications that are built from the ground up that are specific to your business process. We use the latest technology and coding standards to provide the best solution possible to our customers. Our solutions include, large scale e-commerce websites, inventory systems, collaboration software, such as task lists, dashboards that query data from a range of different sources, and so much more.

Application Development

Whether its building an inventory system app that contains over a million items… or a task list app that will provide critical information to every team member, solving these challenges is a typical day at Fresh Coast.

Mobile App Development

We create mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. You can depend on us to create the perfect app for your business needs, whether it is an upgrade to an existing app or starting a brand new app.


We have been creating marketing, e-commerce, and customer facing websites for years. We can build everything from a small business website, to an enterprise level site with over hundreds of pages, to a large e-commerce site with over 10,000 items.


With over 15 years in the information technology field, Fresh Coast can provide expert advice for your development projects, from software design, to process improvement, to improving performance.