Our Porfolio

Our portfolio of solutions consists of many different types of software projects and clients. It attests to the depth of skills and experience we have at Fresh Coast. Our solutions include, large scale e-commerce websites, inventory systems, collaboration software, such as task lists, dashboards that query data from a range of different sources, and so much more.


Bay Valley CC

Bay Valley Christian Church (http://www.bayvalleycc.org) is a website for its members. It features a built in events calendar, accepts Paypal donations, and video libraries.


Designs by Andrea

Designs by Andrea (http://designsbyandreadolson.com/) is an interactive marketing website for an interior designer. It features galleries, portfolios, and interactive design software.


York Repair

York Repair (http://www.yorkrepair.com) is a marketing website. It contains a full featured learning center, ability to submit a repair slip, and chat functionality. It also contains back end access for customers to check order status, inventory, and more.


Repair Zone Blog

Repair Zone Blog (http://blog.repairzone.com/) is a blogging site for the Servo Motor and Industrial Electronics industry. It's content features various topics from tutorials, instructional information, industry news, and much more.


Allied Eagle Website

Allied-Eagle (www.alliedeagle.com) is a front end website that contains eCommerce functionality, events calendar, customer access, online chat, and more.


p.b.gast Website

p.b.gast Laundry Equipment website is a front end website that has slideshows, image carousels, equipment showcases, and more.


Lincoln Inventory Management System

Lincoln Inventory Management System is a full feature inventory management system. It handles thousands of inventory items with little administration. It has integrated Crystal Reports, full auditing on every item turn, and customer back end access to their inventory items.


A&C Electric Inventory Manager

A&C Electric Inventory Manager is a full featured inventory management system. It handles thousands of inventory items with little administration. It features a built in job schedule calendar, integrated Crystal Reports, purchase order system, and mobile device access.


Repair Zone Mobile

Repair Zone shares all the same functionality as the standard website, but in mobile form. It features repair slip creation, cart functionality, and correctly sized links and images.


York Repair Mobile

York Repair Mobile features all the same functionality as the standard site, but in mobile form. It features repair slip creation, learning center with videos, and correctly sized images and links.


Prater Custom Archery

Prater Custom Archery (http://www.pratercustomarchery.com) is an e-commerce marketplace. It uses Paypal checkout, an in-depth news area, and detailed product pages.


Repair Zone

Repair Zone (https://www.repairzone.com) is an e-commerce industrial market place that contains over 10,000 items for sale. The site has several industry specific unique features, such as ability to send in an item for repair, and ability to exchange an old item for a remanufactured item. The site has been online since 2005. It is seamlessly [...]


Book Maker

Fresh Coast developed a windows based solution that creates directories for a large health care provider based in Detroit, Michigan. The directories are created in Adobe PDF format and can be accessed electronically and in printed format. The program will automatically process new directories every month.


York Repair Dashboard

York Repair Dashboard displays data from numerous sources in "widget" box format. It queries Google Analytics for website data, YouTube for video visits, and links to the back end system using XML data. It has fully configurable slideshows, weather widget, and a host of chart types and options to display the data.


Abednego Dashboard

Abednego Dashboard is a web application that displays data from various sources on a interactive touchscreen. It queries data from Sharepoint and RSS news feeds. It features a weather app, whiteboard app, full screen file viewers, and a scrolling slideshow.


York Repair Task List

York Repair Task List is a web application that the company uses as a collaboration tool to efficiently assign tasks to teams and users. It is highly customized for each user to quickly see their own tasks and make quick decisions. It features parent/child tasks, email notifications, user defined views and searches, and integrated reporting.


Rainmaker CRM

Rainmaker CRM is a full featured CRM application, including appointment calendars, opportunity management, call tracking, and much more. It features integration with Office365 and Sharepoint to bring in all your contacts and appointments in one place. It has user role based access for every position in the enterprise.


Union Calendar

The Union Calendar application allows users to quickly coordinate events across the organization. It features user role based access, color coded calendar users allowing each user to quickly view the calendar data.